a weena is someone who does ridiculous weena things...like singing loudly or beating you at poker or always complaining about 'low blood sugar' or being 'cold' Also, a weena tends to stretch a lot...
"Duh, that Meena sure is a weena."
by Miss Bridg December 12, 2005
Top Definition
A female character in HG Wells' The Time Machine. She is of the humaniod race, Eloi, in the year 802,701 AD. The protagonist, Time Traveller, saves her from drowning. In a way he falls in love with her, her affection to him is shown in a way similar to that of a small child or a pet.
The Time Traveller saves Weena from drowning.
by kaytizzle May 03, 2007


Perverts commonly mistake the word weenas for...well, ya know.
"look at my weenas!! *shows elbow*"
by Julie Lieksing September 13, 2009
like weiner...
1.)its a wang.
2.)a hot dog.
3.)just something to call someone who is stupid.
4.)someone who did something stupid.
5.)just something to randomly say.
1.) Your weena is showing, put it away please.
2.) I would enjoy eating that weena.
3.) Hey moron, your a weena.
4.) You ate my keyboard, you weena!
5.) Bob: Hey I like cheese. Fred: What about the weena?
by hotsauce81 December 29, 2005
Total idiot. Can be used at any time you feel the need to insult someone.
You're a weena!
What a weena...
by Heather March 08, 2005
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