outstanding or praiseworthy; preeminent
Dude, don't talk bad about Cosby. He is weej.
by Rennie September 23, 2003
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sweet, wonderful, excellent
Dude, that band is so weej!
by Kevin Pitts September 23, 2003
A pastor that posts fake words on urban dictionary
My pastor doesn't know what else to do with hus life, so he weejed it out.
by weed420sex69drugs May 01, 2015
Southern girls look like they are going to break if you were to hug them, thank God for the weej's.
by Ernie748i February 21, 2009
Ickle bundle of joy and happiness
Awww, that little baby is such a WeeJ!
by Boffy February 12, 2005
SuperStarr DeeJay
That M. F. Sounds Just like Weej
by PMW July 22, 2003
whiny, hump backed, scrunchy wearin', cheese eatin', redneck female usually seen with Todd.
hey Todd, did your weej eat all the cheetos?

That weej stores cheese in her hump like a camel stores water.
by Cheezy McWeezy August 26, 2004

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