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syn.for being "in the weeds" (waiter/server)

"dude can you stop seating me can't you see i'm weeded"
by Upgrayedd March 06, 2007
being under the influence of cannabis.
after smoking a blunt with his boys, donald was feelin kinda weeded.
by sizam August 02, 2003
To crash, fall, die, or get seriously injured doing some type of "extreme" activity.
To get taken out, sent home, removed from the gene pool, etc.
Man, that guy tried to jump over a house on his dirtbike and he got totally weeded when he came up short.
by KTMNealio December 11, 2003
some one who had too much booze, or one too many bong rips, or that person that walk out of the bathroom just got done hurlin.
dude you look so weeded
by Dani December 10, 2003
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