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A short way of saying "Welcome Back".
(1) Hi joan. weebee ^.^
(2) It's been a long trip. weebee
#weebee #welcomeback #back #wb #welcome back
by dYada April 24, 2008
Originated in Cambridge, Maryland by watermen and carpenters, a racial slur towards African Americans. A take on the ficticious statement by Blacks, "We be eatin' chicken and we be playin' basketball."
I hear that weebee's registered to vote in record numbers in 2008.
#moon cricket #spook #blue gummer #spear chucker #african bush boogie
by nutsakajewia January 16, 2010
"Weebee" as in "we be here when you are gone." A weebee is a jaded employee subjected to an ongoing series of management fads and corporate "initiatives" that make a lot of work, but lead to nothing and are forgotten as the next fad or management team takes over
The weebees sustain the business while management comes and goes.
#worker bees #webe #survivor #entrenched #resistance #no man
by winsburke October 11, 2014
small, Affectionate, loving person with an unhealthy intrest in all things kiky.
natalie isaia
by JJ June 07, 2004
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