To poop. Reminiscent of the little brown boy from 70-80’s TV show of the same name.
Dude! I have got to take a Webster.
by Kevinjanko July 10, 2008
A player in the creation of the Web, someone who has been working or designing on the web since the early 90's! See wannabe webster
Bob is such a webster! He was creating websites since forever!
by Tim McGuinness, Ph.D. October 07, 2007
a suburb city outside of rochester ny that is full of white kids who try to act black and even the black kids cant hide the fact that they are white.
the schools here give way to much work at the schools cuz they think everyone is smart and everyone thinks their better than everyone else and rich too as well as hardcore.
webster is worth living if you cut your wrists and are dramatic.
noone in webster could handle real living.
all the white kids think they r blak.ahem hem,dumbasses
dad: we are moving to webster.
kid: what's that?
dad: a suburb near us.
kid: but i am happy here.i have a life here.i have friends here.
dad: you'll make new friends.
webster suks tiny white penis.
Reality: kid goes thomas and is bullied for being from the city but beats the shit out of them and now evryone respects him.
by Rochester4Life April 04, 2008
Webster is a name for someone who acts like a dog. They always come top in their class at school and always get full marks on History Essays. They always seem to be fanatically into films. These things are what their life revolves around.
Webster: "Hey guys, wanna come watch Lord of the Rings in my room after dark?"

Jack: "No thanks Webster!"

Webster: "Fine get out of my room!"
by Jamie Nichols January 14, 2007
D.J.'s imaginary friend who tells DJ where his friends are 24/7. Its creepy!!!
DJ: Where's the czech??

Webster: At the fire house.

DJ: Thanks man!!
by Crazzzy kat April 25, 2007
A dictionary that is typically used by college students. It does claim to be the most descriptive dictionary in the world, but it not only misses several non-slang words currently used, it even erases old definitions of words which are still being used today, in addition to avoiding technical definitions.
What the fuck? $25.00 for a Webster's dictionary and I STILL don't have any definition for or relating to misandry
by AYB October 22, 2003
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