The company that writes dictionaries, named for the inventor, Daniel Webster.
I was looking up a word in Webster's Dictionary. Of course, it's not as cool as
by Anonymous August 29, 2003
To leave something in a worse condition than when you found it.
Man, you really Webstered the shit out of that laptop!
by Derp Shepard March 05, 2012
Worst Footballer in a Group, Makes even the worst People look amazing at Football. The True example of Bad footballer =0

scared to tackle people, Kicks the ball away from everyone, cant Run, Prone to injury, Terrible goalkeeper.

Likes to blame other people for the ''Papness'' that truely is ''Webster''
Guy: Hey! Pass the Ball webster..

Webster: Cant!! Injured.. (But nothing has Happened?) =X
by The_Bosh_man May 06, 2010
the long boring ass book of useless words that are printed in really small font on thin paper pages, and stuff everyones grandparents would read for fun in their teenage years.
im'na hit you over the head with a webster's.
by hg12benj September 13, 2003
A possesive term showing an item belongs to that short black guy.
Dude, that dildo is a prop from Webster's old TV show.
by DeadzeroCustom September 18, 2003
The possessive clause of the name of a small black midget from a vague 80s sitcom.
Emmanuel Lewis
by Anonymous September 09, 2003
putting your toes in the mouth of a dead crackhead.
Kris webstered the homeless woman in the bus shelter.
by runescape_11 April 21, 2009

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