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Anything that is generally frowned upon or laughed at by the non-faggot population. Interchangeable with "lame", "fail", and "garbage".
Thermos: I'm going to bed at 7 PM.
Flaw: Weaksauce.
by FLaWxLeSs October 10, 2011
42 64
Having character equivalent to that of wattered down mayonnaise. Meaning you have no talent, no spirit, no "huevos."
That fool's serve is weak sauce.
by Randy Newman December 28, 2003
27 50
Referring to a puny individual or a pathetic effort.
"Shadoe Sandford needs to get his weight up, he is such Weaksauce compared to Carlos."
by jeffy wallboy August 06, 2008
22 46
Not good, and failure to be a bad ass.
Danny, Man that fool is Weak Sauce!
by Sergio Alvarez November 02, 2006
6 30
Only geeks/nerds use this term on the internet, they think they are cool if they say it.
nerd 1 : Hey man your the weaketh sauce!

Normal person : STFU, nerd before you get smashed on.
by Nerdsmasher July 14, 2005
12 36
Common counter-strike term used to describe an opponents weak skills.
OMG u r teh weaksauce, my leet sauce pwns ur weaksauce NOOB.
by spink January 04, 2005
6 30
Weaksauce(adj.) - A term used in place of "that is (lame/weak/gay/etc.)!"
(1)"Um...Honey, I think the condom broke."
(2)"Dude, you missed it! That fat chick just got punched in the face!"
by Garret June 14, 2004
21 45