The sure fire way to tell that your boyfriend/girlfriend is about to break up with you.
"We need to talk, I don't think this is working out..."
by nat the SPORK September 21, 2003
Usually what the bitch sais after you dump your load on her face. A very good indicator that you''l be sleeping on the coach and getting no pussy for a long time.
After emptying his sack onto her kisser, Janice told Bob that they 'need to talk.'
by James Bourne September 23, 2003
1. girlfriend or wife pissed off and wants to end relationship (in case of wife we advise you to find a damn good lawyer)

2. your parents found your stash or are fed up with in there house (normally the second one never happens because they want it to be like you solved it so you cant say they kicked you out)

3.boss thinks your not working enough (because you where not working 24 hoar shifts with no pay) so he is firing you.

4. (rarest of all)girlfriend or wife just want to cuss you out or wants you to tell you to never see your friends again.
1.wife: honey we need to talk.
husband: (thinking) DAMN where is the number for my lawyer.

(mind you this had 2 so i might as well put the 2nd one down)

girlfriend: honey we need to talk

dude: (thinking) shit

2.parents son we need to talk what is this

kid:(thinking) o crap they found my stash better think fast...

(the second one)

parents: son we need to talk we want you out of our house now you have been here for a year now and you said a week and you'd be back on your feet

3. boss: we need to talk, seeing as you hardly work and our sales are down by 10% your fired.

boss: (thinking) he should of worked 24 hoar shifts with no pay... o well more money for me.

4.(wife or girlfriend) : honey we need to talk.
(wife or girlfriend) :(thinking) this will teach you for forgetting our anniversary.


(wife or girlfriend) : honey we need to talk. your never allowed to see your friends again.

(wife or girlfriend) : (thinking my twisted version mind you) bwahahaha now I will make him hang out with my friends all day long.

sorry for the length of this but a lot of scenarios and just wanted to get them all.
by deraj January 06, 2007
the famous saying by all significant others when there about to break up with you.
Tom...... i think we need to talk
by Anonymous September 21, 2003
you say this to a person when they have done somethiing to offend you its similar to step into my office
We need to talk. I can't belive you exposed my secret.
by Dionne September 20, 2003
a bit like that metaloaf song...two outta three.....

"i want u,
i need you,
but there's just no way i'm ever gonna love you u
now don't be sad, two outta three ain't bad."

u fit, u nice, u ain't my fit...fook arf"..
e.g. the fact that u keep telling me i am nowhere as sexy as HER yet i'm less moral. my fucking bass never cheated on me.....fuck u , ur momma 2 and yer daddy!"
by dj vixxxen March 19, 2004
When your boyfriend gets bored but decides to dump you nicely so he can still get a shag when it pleases him. Usually followed by the phrase I still want to be friends and it's not you, it's me.

What your mom says when she finds out you fucked your now ex-boyfriend.
Guy: We need to talk
Girl: *cries*
Guy: Look, it's not you, it's me, I mean I still wanna be friends... it's just not working out.
*Girl gets lots of cuddles of now ex-bf, goes home and peices together heart which is then shattered again after the discovery of his new gf*

Mom: Rebekah, we need to talk.
daughter:*panics and mutters 'oh shit, I'm gonna get a bollocking coz of that twat... and that cheap new tart of his... It hurts :'('* *faked innocence* Why?
Mom: Rebekah have you ever had sex?
Daughter then comes up with a lie which mother sees thru instantly
by Bekkalumz July 14, 2005

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