What a gurlfriend tells her boyfriend when they did something worng or they are breaking up.
Rita telling Dean they need to talk about the way he drinks. or Rita telling Dean they need to talk because she had enough of his BS and it is over.
by Stephanie September 20, 2003
I'm too shy to admit it but here goes "I want to screw your brains out". A universal mating call.
Two people just met and are just getting to know each other; :we need to talk".
by hercimer February 07, 2004
A woman's slang for "I am breaking up with you if we don't solve a problem."
A guys girlfriend: We need to Talk
The Guy: Fuck my life.
by GatMFR September 25, 2015
If your girlfriend gives you this text, you're out of luck. If somebody else does though, they searched your browser history and found your "secret stuff."
"My girlfriend says we need to talk. I'm gonna hide and change my identity if you don't mind.
by Masterchief2653 April 01, 2015
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