I need to dump you, and it's suddenly "our" problem/fault. Often said to be a girl phrase, is in fact used just as often by guys. When employed in e-mail, is an attempt to simultaneously sever e-mail contact and preclude actual "talk"...
emails: We need to talk. I'll call you.
Never quite summons up courage to call. Hopes like hell she won't e-mail or ring, and that he can skulk off into the night. Sign of cowardice, therefore an automatic disqualifier when it comes to relationship material...
by Robina22 October 18, 2005
Girl language for "I'm about to smash your heart to tiny pieces"
The best thing to do in this situation is cry. Crying shows sensitivity. Tell her you've never been happier with a woman and beg her not to break your heart. Most of the time, YOU are the victim. Be very careful though, it could be something small.
Annie: We need to talk.
Josh: What's wrong?
Annie: I might have feelings for someone else.
Josh: This really hurts. Please don't break my heart, I can't take it.
Annie: We're only taking a short break, I care about you and I don't want to hurt you.
Josh: *Choking up* You know I've never been happier with a woman. Please don't ruin this for me.
Annie: It's only a break, I just need time to figure out my feelings.
Josh: *Softly sobbing*
Annie: Please don't cry
Josh: I can't help it at this point, I'm so scared of having my heart broken again
Annie, a few days later: I love you. Let's be together
by MusicalDeity August 18, 2010
when you have screwed up or you are caught doing something wrong or if the woman generally feels like bitching at you about something, anything, this expression will be used

when guys hear this they get nervous and are like "oh fuck"
Melanie: We need to talk..

Joe: Oh for fuck sakes...
by meLlY2 April 09, 2010
Synonym for: Hahaha, you're fucked now, aren't ya? Go fuck yourself you dumbass.
We need to talk, Tim.
by neutrino November 05, 2003
The 4 most fatal words to a relationship.
(usually said by the "Female Companion")
If you hear her say these words dump her fast!
WARNING: She may not want to break up so be careful.
Female Companion: "We need to talk"
Guy: thinks to himself "Shit!"
by keithian irby September 21, 2005
usually when a person needs to give you excruciating bad news, a divorce, a death, a certain behaviour that you might be giving to your parents...lol
hey justin...ive been meaning to tell you this...

yes kelly, we need to talk.
by suburbanpictionary.com September 22, 2003
see: time for you to run like a chipmunk on red bull.
Listen Johnny, about that thirty thousand you owe me... We need to talk..

by Minakatamoriya November 01, 2003
your screwed and fucked up its over...i cant believe you fucked my mom...
jennie told steve she couldnt believe hed fucked her mom AGAIN so she told him they needed to talk
by dipshit September 27, 2003

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