I need to dump you, and it's suddenly "our" problem/fault. Often said to be a girl phrase, is in fact used just as often by guys. When employed in e-mail, is an attempt to simultaneously sever e-mail contact and preclude actual "talk"...
emails: We need to talk. I'll call you.
Never quite summons up courage to call. Hopes like hell she won't e-mail or ring, and that he can skulk off into the night. Sign of cowardice, therefore an automatic disqualifier when it comes to relationship material...
by Robina22 October 18, 2005
What a gurlfriend tells her boyfriend when they did something worng or they are breaking up.
Rita telling Dean they need to talk about the way he drinks. or Rita telling Dean they need to talk because she had enough of his BS and it is over.
by Stephanie September 20, 2003
I'm too shy to admit it but here goes "I want to screw your brains out". A universal mating call.
Two people just met and are just getting to know each other; :we need to talk".
by hercimer February 07, 2004

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