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When a boyfriend/girlfriend makes out with his/her partner and claims its just kissing and nothing happened.
What mom? We weren't doing anything! *grabs clothes from floor. We were just kissing!!
by CurryChild September 16, 2004
What a person says when they see an old aquaintance that maybe they met once or twice, and that they thought making out with was a good idea at the time. You may or may not remember their name, and this is what u say when they want to get together.
Them: Hey! Oh my god, you're looking so hot. Here's my number! I never got yours... how funny.
You: Um, hi. Yeah, I'll take your number. We should do something sometime. *coughcough
by CurryChild September 04, 2004
The Indian version of "Hollywood", often referring to the music videos of that country.
I spent my afternoon chilling on the couch, watching Baliwood.
by CurryChild September 03, 2004

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