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Stands for Wild Butt Sex. Can be used to break an akward silence.
-whew it smells like WBS in here!
by Slightly_Obnoxious February 09, 2005
"How did Bob get a date with Megan?"
"He got hit by a falling tree and broke his leg."
"Ah, so it's a case of WBS."
by TheDisturbedOne January 01, 2009
Work-like Bullshit. Many project management professionals mistakenly believe that this is an acronym for Work Breakdown Structure. However, the WBS actually is used only to simulate work and cover time spent persuing other activites.
(1) The Project Manager must have been busy this week, he produced a WBS for each deliverable.

(2) I can't get started on my work because my boss hasn't given me the WBS for my part.
by PMP weenie #1 February 12, 2007
WBS stands for:



Status :DDD
Bob: He's straight up WBS.
by iDANA3G April 03, 2010
White boy syndrome. The act of being overly white in your traits and mannerisms. Overwhelmingly stereotypical plain white male. Commonly used phrases "Dude", "Bummer", "Geez!", etc.
Tron: That guy at my office, Jeff, is so pasty and he is always complaining.
Nort: Sounds like a case of WBS.
by Juliak October 19, 2007
An initialism for "WHAM BAM SLAM"
Vincent: "WHAM BAM SLAM! Michael Jordan misses the J."
Brandon: "You know you could just type WBS."
by tvw November 08, 2012
White Boy Society
WBS = White Boy Society is a white brotherhood. They are dedicated to the future of our rights, country, folk and white children. Membership is gained in a typical biker fashion through a probate period. They are not a hate group or a supremacy group. They do not want nor intend to rule supreme over any other race or culture.
by WBS-Forever January 30, 2011

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