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A fictional universe in which "Buffy the Vampire slayer" and "Angel: The Series" take place. Often used by 'net fans on messageboards. See Jossverse.
Fan 1: Last night's ep went against views established in the Buffyverse!
Fan 2: STFU! Sp!ke is soooooo hottt!!11
by Mekka April 23, 2004
A television network known for cancelling good shows and airing teen dramas with terrible writing. Short for "We're Bastards" or "Warner Bros." depends on who you ask. Could be a noun or verb.
The WB cancelled my friggin' show!

The principal WB-ed our school play.
by Mekka April 23, 2004
Describes female bonding. Also a book.
Don't get all ya ya sister hood on me.
by Mekka April 23, 2004
Used when you are almost finished, often used when annoyed with person asking if you are finished. Also "done..ish"
Mom: Is your homework done?
Kid: Yeah, it's done...ish.
by Mekka April 23, 2004
to hang out, or to imply people gossiping
We were at the mall, eating shit.

I walked away 'cause they were eating shit, and Mary's my friend.
by Mekka April 23, 2004

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