1) the act of masturbation
2) seminal fluid
I'm just wazzing
by Canazza February 28, 2003
White people playing jazz.
Mike: Hey, listen, sounds like some jazz fusion music coming from that bar, lets check it out!

Tyrell: Oh, no man, that is just vacuous Wazz.
by kitty chi July 02, 2010
A stereotype to describe a person who has spikey hair, who is quite daft, who often smokes a sheesha or hookah and also who has a nose to resemble the shape of a penis.
eg. My friend here is a wazz.
by Gangsta_ting2468 January 06, 2009
An species of asshole commonly known as davina reidy...living habitat include one computer...one computer...and...one computer
2)gay boy
by Jebus Costello February 12, 2003

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