Top Definition
Pissed, drunk, High, Completely off your head, crazy,dizzy
I got wazzed sniffing charlie off a pair of knockers
by bignutzac April 30, 2011
To get screwed over by a slightly slimy cunt.
He stole that girl from Chucka, Chucka got wazzed.

Tottenham lost to Newcastle today, Newcastle wazzed them.

This girl was well into my friend until that right like wazz came along and wazzed him out of her.

Craig was going to score tonight until his brother's mate wazzed him.
by Peartree November 10, 2013
to be completely fucked on beverages of the alcoholic variety.
"fuck me by the way, i was wazzed last night"
by Jack Creith July 21, 2005
Verb. The act of being lied to after previously being told something else.
My friend told me he wanted to meet me for a drink, but when I walked into the empty bar, I realized I was wazzed.
by Takedown184 August 29, 2016
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