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1. A sex act in which a woman presses a towel over the face of her sexual partner, then ejaculates or "squirts" violently over the face and towel to simulate drowning.

2. A female ejaculation aimed or targeting the mouth, eyes, and lungs of a sexual partner.
Every time Brigette Nielsen gets her hands on a man, she straddles the poor bastard like a saddle and water boards the dude until he's gargling she-skeet.
by Balki Bartokomouth February 19, 2014
To create the sensation of drowning by letting the water from the showerhead run down a woman's back while her partner is eating her pussy from a position seated on the shower floor.
Before the showerbang and I sat down to indulge in some fine pussy munching but the bitch waterboarded me. I 'bout drowned. I made her pay for that shit with a serious pussy pounding.
by PackLTBuy April 15, 2008
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