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waste person, wasteful person


Kayla <3
your a waste yute

ya mon u a waste mon
by cronicbudz! August 03, 2010

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Someone which you dislike, gets on your nerves, or is just a plain dumbass
Yo, my brother is such a wasteyute
by Babyface6595 December 30, 2010
jamacian patois for meaning a worthless kid, dirived from the saying "wasted youth"
me: "renae facey is a waste yute"

jhonson student: "ya mon da gal is got a bad lickle weave"

me: lol just jokes mon just jokes
by shoty5 October 25, 2011
a person in which deserves to be thrown away.

generally, waste yutes are pathetic, worthless faggots.

bronwen and amy.
....waste yutes
by imbased February 27, 2011