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A group of teenagers that attend a catholic, private school, in the rich/bitchy known as Potomac, MD. Though they do not belong there, they go anyway and try to make the best of it by breaking stupid rules, vandalizing school property, and rebelling against the authorities. They often spend their weekends doing they same, only in public areas, and at times under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. The girls in their grade are secretly jealous of them, and spend hours at a time stalking their facebooks and pictures. They are known as wasted youth because they are literally wasting their youth away at the school they attend, and because the love the movie Grind. They are super cool kids.
Kid 1: Hey, I saw Heather, Britany, Alicia, and Amy this weekend.. they were definitely stoned.

Kid 2: Oh, you mean Wasted Youth? Yeah, they always are.

Kid 1: Actually, not always. They're the kind of people you always think are on shrooms, but it's really just them being normal.
by cyphill420 October 08, 2009
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