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One of the single most boring places to live. This town is the hometown of the Dow Chemical Company and Dow Corning. Consequently inhabitants tend to mutate. Located in Michigan.
Person 1: Im like totally hanging out at Jen's house in Midland Tonight
Person 2: Hope you dont come back glowing green.
by firefox4tehwinzyo April 01, 2009
A town in the middle of no where Texas, were everyone is too involved in sports. That has horrible shopping but great mexican food.
You can so tell she's from Midland.
by I am the world June 04, 2010
Easily The Dirtiest Most Fucked up Place on the face of the earth. Its a Place Where Abo's Congregate To Drink Emu Export...Then Sleep...And in some cases....Die. Midland is a pimple on societys ass. Oh yea i spose its got a train station which is ok...But the rest is Fucked.

P.S - Midland Is in Australia, W.A....
"Dude are you going to midland tonight?", "What the fuck man? Who in their right mind would want to go there???"
by Scottytown August 29, 2007
A dry, desert place in Texas that is big on oil. Has one mall and some things to do scattered around the city. Big on sports. But it is by far not a rural place. It is a nice city to be raised in for little ones, but not one you want to stay in forever.
Crih: Hey, you want to hang out at my place or the mall today?

Hsu: Yeah, what else is there to do?

Crih: Idk...

Hsu: Yep, thats Midland
by Laniqua y Chonquique June 15, 2011
Midland, Texas. The single most amazing town in the entire world. There is legitimately no other place to live other than Midland. When people talk about how awful it is, it is very obviously a very funny joke because no one would EVER say anything bad about Midland, Texas. Because honestly, there is absolutely nothing bad to say about this wonderful place. Everyone is so classy and friendly and smart and there is never a dull moment. One will never run out of things to do in Midland. Why? Because it is the best town in the entire fucking world. Everyone wishes they could live there, but they're scared they'll never want to leave. Midland forever.
person 1: Hey what should we do tonight? I'm so bored.
person 1: YEAH! best idea you've EVER HAD!!!!

person 1: this is almost as great as midland.
person 2: nothing is as great as midland.

person 1: I love you like I love Midland.
person 2: Wow, let's just get married now.

by ilovemidland May 23, 2012
The Midlands -
1. A fictional place in Britain because no one knows where it really starts or finishes.
2. Re-named to Birmingham to disguise its poor identity and reputation. This didn't work
''I'm from the Midlands''

''You mean you're from Birmingham''


''Poor Sod''
by Nutter_Systems August 09, 2005
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