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Term used to discribe a woman who is sexy in clean way. Classical beauty. Black dress and pearls with very little make up and not douced in the perfume-of-the-week at Limited Too.
"Im getting a soap and water feeling from that girl, over there."
Al Pachino - Sent of a Woman
by Joey the Boy June 27, 2006
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The precursor to the soap and rinse. The soap and water is a maneuver used after a particularly wet and sloppy blow job or a good ole fashioned messy face fuck. Once the recipients face is excessively slathered in saliva the next step is to douse with semen. Next grab the recipient by the hair the or neck and place their face upon the taint area. Finally work that face back-and-forth and side-to side rapidly until a nice lather is achieved
I gave her the old soap and water and worked her face to a thick lather!
by squatthrust March 10, 2012
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