it was simply amazing this year, as i was introduced to many kickass bands that i had seen on go to that site if you want to see the best bands out there that arent sellouts yet
top 10 bands: Straylight Run (10), The Early November, Green Day, Autopilot Off, Matchbook Romance, My Chemical Romance, Senses Fail, Underoath, Streetlight Manifesto, Taking Back Sunday (1)
by mychemromance008 January 05, 2005
A concert composed of various other concerts, where people can wear whatever they want, say whatever they want & basically do whatever they want.
Smoke.Drink.Eat.Party.Be Merry.Its All Good.
Sammy: Hey bro what's up?
Joey: My summer has sucked so badly, I barely did anything and my parents are always working so I couldn't go anywhere

Sammy: Well at least you have one thing to look forward to
Both: *high fives* =]
by the1whogotaway August 26, 2009
Tour started in 1995 as an answer to the commercialization of Lollapalooza. Now, just an excuse to mass market punk rock as a fashion trend to adolescents.
The warped toour lineup has gotten progressively worse each summer.
by sean April 22, 2005
Started as a huge punk festival and as a fuck-you to Lollapalooza and Woodstock, but over the years it has devolved further and further into one colossal shit-fest, with Bad Religion and a couple other bands here and there as the sole redeeming value. Sure, the place is practically swimming with hot chicks, but are a couple random scene chicks worth blowing a bunch of money on something this bad? Think about it.
It's kind of sad to see a band as legendary as Bad Religion surrounded by such vast amounts of pure fail, especially when you consider what the Warped Tour once was.
a once punk show turned emofest over the years
goddamn, what happened to the Warped Tour?
by proudasshole July 03, 2005
A day where you see a lot of bands you have never heard of, buy stickers and shirts of bands you have never heard of, and you get kicked in the face from moshing to bands you have never heard of. And you do this so you can sound and look "cool".
1: "Did you go to Warped Tour?"

2: "Yeah! I saw a thousand and 24 bands there, and bought all their shirts! And I got kicked in the face!"

1: "Wow, you are way awesome, aren't you?"

2: "Yeah, I am, don't be jealous, but I'll be talking about Warped Tour all the time."
by loves popcorn August 16, 2009
Best thing ever. Lots of awesome bands, including Escape The Fate, My Chemical Romance, Alexisonfire, Avenged Sevenfold, The All American Rejects, All Time Low, 3OH!3, Taking Back Sunday, Fall Out Boy, and Underoath. Also lots of moshing, crowd surfing, and hot emo guys without shirts ;)
Person2: "No way!"
Person1: Yeah!!! They signed my shirt!"
Person2: *dies from jealousy*
by cool person (not really) July 18, 2009

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