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Bad, low grade cocaine. "Yayo"is cocaine and "wappo" is the cheap stuff that is mixed with fillers which wont get you to trip as hard. Both words were more popularized by Snootie Wild's song "Yayo".
Aye yayo, yeah I just say yayo
Taste just like dat candycane but whiter then dat pure snow

And why u tryin to play me and you know u sellin wappo

"We boutta hit a lick on dat muthafucka who sold me wappo last week, I aint even trip."
by NFL or NBA bound December 29, 2015
Shorthand for Wapanese, a term referring to (mostly) Caucasian youths who are obsessed with a nation they know very little about: Japan.
Derrick: Why does Scott think that the Japanese version of (insert Japanese show) has better voice actors if he doesn't understand the language?

Jake: Oh, he's a Wappo.
by John Frusciante February 02, 2011
Slang for Waffles.
You betta' giv me some damn wappos homie
by Chinyclean October 25, 2010
Something that is very awesome, neat great or just plain old great
that sounds very wappo!
by Relaxzomaniaq December 10, 2004

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