a person who is white but wants to act gangster by wearing baggy clothes and "vans" usually lives in a trailer
jeez april did you see cameron today? Yeah he is such a wankster!
by mandra beastley March 14, 2007
Usually an Asian or Caucasian who trys to act black and or gangster but in reality is scared of both and will never do anything gangster life in his or her poserish life EVER.
Wanksters Chang and William were walking down the sidewalk with puffy sky blue roca jackets when two african american men dressed in a professional manner encountered them as the wanksters looked around nervously than walked passed each other while the black men just laughed.
by 0mG U 1Os3R I knoW u HacK August 10, 2004
Degenerate who grows up on 8 Mile Road, talks serious shit...and should probably never leave the side of a heavily armed bodyguard willing to take a bullet (and lose his life) for a cocky mouth-piece.
Eminem, 50 Cent, Jay Z
by eve July 20, 2004
A derogatory term against white "gangsters"

And / Or

Some one seen as a fake gangster
Eminem is a wankster
by bd1992 August 02, 2007
Brian Lim.
Brian Lim, Is an Wankster.
by Wankster October 13, 2003
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