wanna be ganster
yo wat up wankster

nutt a damn wankser hurr

yo iam going to kick yo ass shorty
by big_d October 12, 2003
1. someone who masterbates; wanker

2. wanna-be gangster
1. look at the friggen wanskster, what a douche

2. Guy 1: yo yoo fo shizzle
Guy 2 to guy 3: what a wankster
by Megdalinahagdalina March 21, 2008
British slang. someone who jacks off on regular occasion.
" that wankster sits at home all day and does his stuff"
by deinfuhrer February 28, 2005
Wack Ass Gangsta
David Clarke Is A punk ass Wanksta
by Anonymous July 10, 2003
a fag that tries to be hard kore, but runs instead of fights
jeff houlahan if the biggest fuckin wanksta, runs from the smallest crew.
by mike hawk June 09, 2003
A person who wanks alot... Look up wanker
Kevin pitura is a wankster
by Brandon October 31, 2004
* A white wannabe gangster.

* A phoney gangster.

* A black gangster who wants to be white.
White Boy 1~ Whats good mah brotha!?

White boy 2~Dude, you are such a wankster.
by *** Nicole *** March 16, 2009

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