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some clown that thinks he is a wankster
yo yo yo that foo is a stright wankster
by ckennedy July 10, 2008
a wannabe ganster who has been hustling to make money for a long time and he still has nothing.
a unprosperous drug dealer.
by unknown October 27, 2003
A lame or fake person
Look at that sorry ass wankster.
by Been-native February 26, 2007
One who goes to a dealership and has champane taste and beer money
real estate agent
by ACOLYTE October 22, 2003
wanna be ganster
yo wat up wankster

nutt a damn wankser hurr

yo iam going to kick yo ass shorty
by big_d October 12, 2003
punk that thinks hes gangsta
Yo wat up dawg fa shizzle
by Anonymous April 10, 2003
1. someone who masterbates; wanker

2. wanna-be gangster
1. look at the friggen wanskster, what a douche

2. Guy 1: yo yoo fo shizzle
Guy 2 to guy 3: what a wankster
by Megdalinahagdalina March 21, 2008