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one who is gay, homosexual,or chichi
Tom Hanks plays a batty man in the movie Philadelphia.
by acolyte October 24, 2003
Falling Asleep At the Keyboard
I have to go to bed before I FAAK.
by acolyte October 29, 2004
The LichKing
My life for ner`zhul!
by Acolyte November 21, 2003
The smartest of them all.
Shoomy R00lz
by Acolyte November 21, 2003
fat girl
if the girl is bigger than you than she's a burger.
if the girl eats a large pizza by herself she's a burger.
by acolyte October 24, 2003
One who goes to a dealership and has champane taste and beer money
real estate agent
by ACOLYTE October 22, 2003
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