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5 definitions by revscrj

1. A person who uses the internet* to accumulate totally random, unbalanced, often overly advanced masses of information with no regard to complete understanding of a subject.

*prior to the internet they used libraries, but the definition has been updated so that those who use libraries are referred to as 'slomads'

2. A person who devoted so much time to learning a single subject that they cannot function in the world.
1. Tim could tell you the current theories about string theory, recite Blake, and nanotechnology advances; so long as you didn't probe his knowledge too deeply you would think he was a genius rather than a knowmad.

2. In the years I have know Tim I cant recall him ever appearing anything but confused if we weren't talking about physics.
by revscrj April 06, 2013

A combination of wanker and gangsta. One who is emulating the mannerisms of African-American urban street culture poorly. Typically used to describe a teenage rural caucasion amateur rap artist with little to no talent; though it is not implicitly race, age, or geographically limited.
Skeeter: So Jeff- I mean 'MC White-out', my bad- hows life in Kansas as a newly emerged wankster?

Je...- MC White-Out: Aw dawg why you doin' me like that? Sheeet mang, word.
by revscrj June 28, 2013
An American who has been unemployed for so long that they have given up hope for finding employ and are often mired in deep to suicidal depression.
I'm really worried about Bob. He won't answer my emails... I fear since he got laid off that he's joined the ranks of the American'ts.
by revscrj April 06, 2013
The act of a non-Jew making a faux Pas regarding Jewish customs and practices in front of orthodox Jews.
"Moshe? Remember when Skeeter asked Ezikiel if there was any bacon to go with the eggs? "

"Hahaha- total goy-doy!"
by revscrj April 06, 2013
Abbr. for Peace Love Unity and Respect.
A motto of rave collectives in California during the mid to late 1990's.
Practice PLUR, preach PLUR, be PLUR-al and you're on your way to a better world brother- now shut up and dance.
by revscrj April 06, 2013