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describes one who is characteristic of a wanker.

*also used as slang to describe someone who is being a moron.
some porn stars are just totally wankerific.

geez, why does cory have to be so wankerific?!
by pantelones quesos July 02, 2004
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wankerific means to me,... somone or something that is SO sexually exciting to a person, that it elicits a desire to masturbate, and/or someone that is SO FAR out of one's league, that the ONLY chance for sexual-satisfaction regarding said subject is likely to be wanking about them.
Felicia is so HOT, she is the ultimate in wankerific bait-!
by DUG853 April 03, 2006
One who is the masta of wanking and loves to wank
weinAIR is wankerific!
by Captain B October 31, 2003

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