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A person who loves the stars, moon, and anything else in the solar system. They feel particularly happier and at peace at night and during full moons.

One who thinks it is too hard to exist in this world and would much rather be closer to the stars.
starchild: "A star is dying"

bystander: "ok"
by Ava Corr May 12, 2012
(aka The Long Haired Sucker, Sir Lollipop Man) Official representative of Funkentelechy; protector of the Pleasure Principle. Cosmic John the Bop-tist, arch- recording angel heralding the arrival of Dr. Funkenstein.
by Star Child July 29, 2003
A grown man in his 30s who wears his hair like a dirty hippie. Usually the name of the grown man is bobby. who can offten be found lurking in dark alley ways searching for mushified cow patties.
mommy there a starchild under my bed
by alaska_child July 28, 2010
A starchild is commonly heralded as the perfect bowel movement. It is the result of single push' that produces a six inch long 'sinker' followed by a cluster of four or five tigernut-sized 'floaters'. These little balls bob to the surface in a perfect circle around the nutty sinker - in a beautiful, turgid synchronized display that draws gasps from the lucky squatter.
My life is complete - I just produced a perfect starchild.
by Padace August 07, 2008
A person in his or her late teens or early twenties who dresses like an extra in a music video all the time. Over the top trendy, tasteless, no original style.
Piper is such a startchild, she wore her gucci sunglasses to a 10 pm dinner.
by Theodore Ulnak June 17, 2005
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