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Origin: Wee + angle + ugly.

Young, excessively thin female or male who has an ugly, entitled attitude and a tendency to be a chronic billstiff.

Alternative: Older, excessively thin female or male with an ugly, entitled attitude who has a tendency to be a chronic billstiff.
1. The wangly teens meandered through the mall, billstiffing cola vendors, jewelry counters, and cell phone kiosks.

2. "Jill, watch out for the wangly blonde in Toys. She was saying she might buy cell phones with data plans for her eight-year-old kids...."
by kero frangipani pants February 06, 2009
Abbreviation for What's a Nice Girl/Guy Like You....doing with a guy/girl like that. So a couple is Wangly when one is either far more attractive than the other or one is nice and one is a total piece of work.
Mary and John are such a wangly couple (Mary is Miss World, John looks like shrek...)
by TheFriskyPenguin July 10, 2013
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