A dissapointly small penis or a toddler penis.
"I couldn't even feel it- he totally has a wangdoodle"
by DEE S. January 10, 2007
Top Definition
Willy Wonka's favorite sexual toy.
Hey Oompaloompa, where's my wangdoodle and KY?
by Fat Washington November 05, 2003
When a man who is asian has a chode and takes it and inserts it into a dogs mouth. Then the dog will lick the chode with suffisient force integragating the simulation of a blow job.
I heard asian Reed went behind the dumbster on Park BLVD and got a Wang-Doodle from little suzies dog.
by Man Thong March 13, 2008
Pictochat for the Nintendo DS.
IT's funny to draw naughty pictures and send them to my friends on Wangdoodle.
by Link January 23, 2005
my big penis it wangles its way in and doodles around
i go fishing with my wang doodle
by cok face July 31, 2006
A very well enodwed/hung
(penis size) (male) Porn Star.
Wangdoodle's massive erection,
as well (a swell?) as his career
took off as quick and fast and big
and impressively as an Atlas Rocket Launch.
by Lawrence "Wangdoodle" Connor August 24, 2003
a dissapointingly small penis
That dj is really hot, but trust me- he's totally got a wangdoodle!!!
by Dee A. January 19, 2007
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