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When a man has a full blown erection, and runs full speed into a wall, plastering his dick right through the drywall. Then using the hole as a masturbatory device.
A common side effect of a wangbang is infertility.
by Wade Billups March 30, 2005
Male Masturbation. A male playing with their penis.
Man 1: Justin, what's on your pants?
Man 2: Just Having some fun with myself:)
Man 1: Man, I don't need to know about your WANG BANG!!!
by name_not_known August 10, 2007
equivalent to a gangbang except with only asians with the last name "wang"
She wants to get wangbanged
by Poor L'il Rich June 07, 2003
Chinese men who gang bang a woman.

I went to a party in China town and these Chinese frat boys were wang banging this broad in every hole.
by cunthound May 18, 2003
In the PC game Shadow Warrior by 3D Realms, a multiplayer deathmatch game.
I won the wangbang by 3 points against phil, lucy, steve and carroll! I love the nukes.
by Ira Jacobs October 08, 2005
When rocking out to music, one thrusts their hips back and forth making one's penis "headbang" to the music. The Harder the motions the better.
Guy: " I was holding a brownie and this awesome song came on so i Wang Banged to it."

Dude: "Awesome!"
by Glory1020 November 08, 2008
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