a male or specimen with a penis; perhaps even just a penis (best used when referring to asians or being around asians)
"Aw..no girls?! I don't wanna hit up a wangchung party..."
by Kevooo November 26, 2006
1. A short lived pop band from the 80's

2. The sound a metal dildo makes when it his the ground
" Everybody at the party better wang chung tonie"

" I heard a wang chung in the living room"
by melanthex March 30, 2005
a Chinese man who has trouble walking because of his abnormally large cock
He must be a wangchung if he is walking like that.
by phenompyrus December 08, 2004
An animal that resides in Asia, and roams the forest. It is an ape like animal and has a Huge Penis.
stop being a Rat Burn and Become a Wangchung
by PLW January 30, 2009
When a boy takes his penis and dips it into chineas food!!!!!
oh my gosh justin totally did a wang chung wednesday night!
by jessica treepum March 29, 2010
when you go pee and poo and throw-up at the same time
Eww Jonney someone left a Wang Chung Lieing in the toilet.
by Melissa19 July 29, 2005
When ur done taking a crap and you wipe from back to front and doodoo is still present.
Dude, i have a serious case of "wang-chung".
by Jacques Rabe July 30, 2007

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