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A Tea Party is a meeting in a public men's restroom stall for anonymous gay sex at 4pm, tea time. "Tea Party 4pm" is usually written in permanent marker on the inside wall of restroom stalls where this takes place.
George Michael hosts a tea party Tuesdays at 4pm in Roxbury Park.
by asswipejohnson July 23, 2011
Faking martial arts mastery while drunk.
That guy is wasted. He doesn't know Karate. Check out his drunk fu skills.
by asswipejohnson December 20, 2010
1. A gay male threesome. 2. A sloppy joe sandwich.
I'll be the meat in that manwich.
by asswipejohnson December 16, 2010
A maneuver a person who fakes knowing martial arts threatens to unleash on an enemy.
I don't know...dude says he's a black belt in aikido, and if I talk to his girl again he'll teach me the wang chung maneuver. WTF?
by asswipejohnson December 20, 2010
A Snuffleupagus is when enough gay men to form a circle have sex penis to anus like elephants parading in a circus.
Last night, after clubbing, and way too many cosmos, cumshots, and manholes. We did it. We made a Snuffleupagus.
by asswipejohnson February 02, 2013

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