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Hot. Fresh. Anything that can be described in positive connotation.
Boy 1: Yo, you see BG's hummer?
Boy 2: Nah dude, is it nice?
Boy 1: It's got like 23 inch rims, a DVD player, killer sound system. Shit is magnetic, yo.

by Pensky April 17, 2006
when the impossible suddenly becomes possible. often used when something unimaginable occurrs.

During the 2001 World Series, Game 4. Yankees Vs. Diamondbacks. Diamondbacks lead by two runs, bottom of the ninth, two outs. One man on. Tieing run at the plate.
Boy 1: Yo, callin' this right here. Tino knocks one out of the park. I feel it yo.
Boy 2: Get the fuck out of here. That shits never gonna happen yo.
Tino goes long.
Boy 1: Holy shit! what'd i tell you.
Boy 2: Fuck dude, shit's silly right there, shit is fucking silly.
by Pensky May 08, 2006
roll a joint. no more, no less.
Boy 1: Yo, you wanna smoke a bowl?
Boy 2: Nah dude, I don't have one on me, I just got Zig Zags.
Boy 1: Alright yo. We'll just have to wang chung it then.
by Pensky April 17, 2006
a homosexual man. likes to fuck other guys.
Boy 1: Yo, i came home last night after that party, walked into my parents room, and saw my dad with some other dude.
Boy 2: Holy shit, no way. Was he boning him?
Boy 1: Yah, I think so.
Boy 2: Fuck dude, your dads a nuthugger.
by Pensky May 07, 2006
used to describe a feeling of anticipation or excitement.
Boy 1: Yo, i'm gonna have a huge party this weekend.
Boy 2: Kegger??
Boy 1: Of course.
Boy 2: Yum.
by Pensky May 07, 2006

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