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When a girl dance with her butt pressed on a guys croch while he is standing up against a wall
Alicia gave Mike a wallie in the club.
by Abrasive August 20, 2011
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a shit like water..diarrhea
"oh my she was on the toilet for ages doing a wallie"
"i think i'm going to wallie"
by cheesy knees March 12, 2009
when you give a guy a blow job while he's doing a wall sit.
guy #1: dude, i got such a boner doing wall sits last night at the gym that i got some random girl to give me a wallie.
guy #2: bro, you're such a fratstar!
by b jizz May 05, 2008
A distugsting word used to describe a dispicable act in which most humans wuld never do.
e.g throwing up all over your self whilist asleep
molestering little children
Doing a shit and stating that "its everywhere"
When a women is eating his own baby feutus
"ohh no she is chucking a wallie again"!
by ya mum is a whore April 07, 2008

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