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To post a message on someone's Facebook wall.
I walled you last night; why didn't you answer?
by akey March 08, 2009
A slang word commonly used by midwesterners in place of "we all".
Wa'll here in Iowa know how to party.
by zvocalz March 17, 2011
not literally, but having a wall full of pictures, of a particular person, meaning you are obsessed with this person
“oh my god, he is so staring at her”
“he probably has a wall”
by I HATE ORANGE JUICE May 26, 2009
An excruciatingly discusting taste.
Jimmy:BLECK! these cookies taste like wall!
by little Jimmy Gouche March 09, 2008
Prison. Incarceration.
Four more months and i'm out of these walls.
by Stef "FobPower" De Clercq November 26, 2002
where you lover pins you up to, starts making out with you and touching you places you might not want to be touch or maybe you want to be touched there thats up to you. but then sex occurs.
josh pinned kayla up against the wall in my room then they had sex on my bed. can you say EWWWWWWW oh umm thats my vagina...
by sirfuckalotbaby April 11, 2010
A meaning for jacket or someones front half
Look at my wall, i bought it yesterday at Tesco's
by georgenie June 12, 2007