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W'all: We and all combined into one fantastic word
Orgin: Mostly used in the South by rednecks
W'all gonna have such a great time tomorrow hanging out!
by Emily Spink January 22, 2011
5 4
the act or reading a newspaper at the end of a bench during a basketball game because you are not athletic or skilled enough to play.
"Dude that retard just pulled a Walls!" exclaimed Sam while laughing hysterically.
by Allan Hansone February 12, 2008
21 20
Said when someone sucks and is going no where in life. Used when someone does some dumb ass thing. Typically stated with obscene hand gestures in an ax or hockey sieve, elephant truck way.
"Dude what a wall"

After your bro drops a cup of hot chocolate. "Mark, dude, stop walling."

Looking back at your friend as you walk up a ramp. "What a wall." (supported by sieve hand jester)
by Awardturntable February 27, 2014
0 0
1. Something quirky and funny, and yet really lame.
2. Something Wallabies think is badass, but in reality is actually really pathetic.
Looking back on our college experience, we laughed about stealing from the Dining Commons and acting like it was so badass, but in reality, it was really just so Wall.
by Wallabie 5 October 20, 2012
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A monument commemorating humankind's stupid, myopic, uncreative, intolerant, and/or egocentric propensities. An artifice constructed to prevent the natural and inevitable flow of goods, ideas, or people. Although the historic examples of walls are universally viewed as tragic, ineffective, or wasteful for the societies that created them, humans continue to celebrate recent constructions. In almost every case, they believe, for some unknown reason, that this time their wall will be different.

"Hey, I'm pretty sure this plan will work." - André Maginot

"Hey, let's build a wall right through Berlin." - Walter Ulbricht

"Hooray! We'll keep illegals out by building a border fence." - Joe
by Charlie C. December 14, 2007
10 10
1) An object which divides up space.
2) A feature of Urban Dictionary which smacktards think is advertising space.
1) My room is seperated from my brother's by a wall.
2) I don't care if you found Jay's Site! Shut the fuck up bitch! Death to you and Jay!
by 1337W422102 October 11, 2005
27 27
an imaginary wall you put up when you're mad at someone.
Jack: "If you start talking to her i'm gonna put a wall up!"
Danny: "Fine! It's worth it, dude. I wanna tap that."

Jack: "Screw you." (walk away)
by bananapuff! May 29, 2011
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