A metaphorical block that someone puts up after living with abuse or being bullied as a child or other such circumstances. Doesn't happen over night but "brick by brick" & leads to loss of friends & family.
"Pink Floyds The Wall" is about a man named Pink who, after: losing his father in WWI, having an overprotective mother, abusive teachers, having his wife cheat on him, and many other things, builds a wall and shuts the world out.
by j-phlak September 17, 2010
Someone that barely or doesn't talk. When you talk to them it is like talking to something inanimate because they don't reply or they take forever to reply and say only one word.
Guy: Hey girl whats yup?
Girl: -Silence-
Guy's friend: Man you are talking to a wall!

Katie: Jordy C Mike isn't talking again.
Jordan: That's because he is being a wall.

by Katie Wright March 22, 2008
The abbreviation or "we all" similar to y'all. Commonly used in the South and on Martha's Vineyard.
Emma: Hey, w'all gotta go to the movie soon!

Carly: OK, but w'all better go to my house later.

Will: W'all need to shut up, we're gonna get kicked out of the movie.

Peter: W'all should just leave. Transformers sucks.
by carlyyconwayy9963 September 21, 2009
Interesting term, it means vaginal opening as far as I'm concerned.
"...Take you home, let you juggle my balls (my balls)
While I'm beatin and tearin down your walls (oh yeah)"

-Trillville, Some Cut
by Andi March 20, 2005
Obscure rhyming slang used in Camden North London to describe a man with Paedophilic tendencies.
Check out Peter, he's a total wall.
by Michael Dennis June 09, 2009
Is to share a facebook post that someone already posted.
Alison(posts a song on her wall): The xx- crystalised- I'm lovin this!
Charlie(commenting on the post): OMG im so Walll'ing this!
by Whiteyou September 26, 2011
We all
Are w'all going to breakfast tomorrow?
by Jacappvaglicroce1 December 29, 2013

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