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A large advertisement that happens to have cars running through it.
N00b: "Hey, want to go to Times Square?"
Person: "Hell no, if I wanted to see ads, I'd surf warez or porn!"
by 1337W422102 January 16, 2006
The alien planet in Half-Life.
"I just got to Xen; how do I kill that giant headcrab?"
by 1337W422102 January 27, 2005
One of the most annoying things short of a hacker that players of GunZ: The Duel are subjected to. Can often be found camping or behind you, ready to score a cheap shot.
"What a n00b! That dagger noob just stabbed me in the back, causing me to fall to the ground and not be able to get back up for a few seconds! Then he pwned me with this big-ass rifle! Damn n00b!!"
by 1337W422102 September 16, 2005
1) An object which divides up space.
2) A feature of Urban Dictionary which smacktards think is advertising space.
1) My room is seperated from my brother's by a wall.
2) I don't care if you found Jay's Site! Shut the fuck up bitch! Death to you and Jay!
by 1337W422102 October 11, 2005
1) Extremely displeased with or resentful of RSPs that don't grow.
2a) Outrage at being pressured by your bank into something you don't want.
b) Outrage at being pressured by the March 1st dealine.
3) A feeling of powerlessness towards RSPs that are tied to the stock market.
4) Overall frustration concerning fees and service charges.
"Damned bank, I'm so RSP'd off!"
by 1337W422102 January 27, 2005
What hard-working Replicants have to look forward to.
Ray McCoy's firearm sent a Replicant through a window on her way to early retirement.
by 1337W422102 November 07, 2007
A Texan's marriage partner.
"Bessy Mae might done be mah cousin but she done did me!"
by 1337W422102 March 08, 2005

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