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the act of masturbating using a wall. Something only an Asian would think of doing. Usually needs a lot of lubricant to work, unless you enjoy pain. I would not recommend drilling a hole in the wall to do it, because splinters down there are a bitch. You rub yourself up and down on the wall until you ejaculate. May leave a stain. Not recommended unless your name is Ben.
Me: "Hey Ben, did you know Cody has never jacked off?"
Ben: "I only have twice."
Me: "Wtf really?!"
Ben: "Yah, and once was with a wall."
Me: "omg thats not normal, wouldn't that be considered wall raping?"
Ben: "..."
Me: "How is that even possible?!"
Ben: explains to me
Me: "That's crazy shit right there!"
by Chaz Rouflab February 03, 2009