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When you run into a wall and it just murders you. Make sure they don't Rape you!
Ron sitting on a bench. his dog is humping another dog. Ron remembers his dog has crabs and aids so he ran as fast has he can he past a hot chick with big juggs and looked back at them.He hits a brick wall."Wall Raped". Ron is now tarded. Send your regards, call 1-800-6574 (by the way, if you call that you just got phone scammed.
by themuffinman69 April 24, 2009
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When someone's facebook wall gets bombarded with numerous posts. This could be done by a group of people or one individual.
1. "I posted some cool links to videos on his page but he kept deleting them for no reason so I wall raped his ass (no homo) with a tonne of them."

2. On his birthday, the little boy got wall raped by all of his friends and even his family.
by Bonjob92 March 08, 2011
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Act of posting an overly sexual and unwanted post on a wall or profile page.
I was checking out my newsfeed, and this total creeper Larry said he wanted me to have his kids! He totally wall raped me!
by UrbanPaign May 27, 2011
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