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When you run into a wall and it just murders you. Make sure they don't Rape you!
Ron sitting on a bench. his dog is humping another dog. Ron remembers his dog has crabs and aids so he ran as fast has he can he past a hot chick with big juggs and looked back at them.He hits a brick wall."Wall Raped". Ron is now tarded. Send your regards, call 1-800-6574 (by the way, if you call that you just got phone scammed.
by themuffinman69 April 24, 2009
When you are sprinting on a treadmill and you fall and your face gets raped by the moving treadmill. If their is a wall behind the treadmill, you also get wall raped (look up if necessary) the treadmill shows no mercy in viciously raping your face and spiting you out behind it once it is done. if you notice a slight change in speed, stop immediately and call the Tread mill Rape hot line.
Bill says:"Dude, what happened to your face?"

Mark replies:"Oh, its nothing, just got Tread Mill Raped last night"
by themuffinman69 April 23, 2009

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