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When saying goodbye to someone and then contining to walk in the same direction as them...awkwardly.
Jackie and John said goodbye and then walked to the parking lot together. Now that's walkward.
by princess cw May 13, 2009
When you're walking with two or more friends in a line and the sidewalk narrows or something else happens and you are forced behind, or in rare cases, ahead, of the group- left awkwardly walking alone.
friend: "sorry you got pushed out of the line dude!"
you: "yeah, that was walkward."
by ugagirl8 August 29, 2011
Normally defined as an awkward move in the dorm hallways...or any hallways for that matter. Can also be used as an adjective to describe how a person walks. Very, very walkwardly.
"Did you see Kelly do that thing where you kind of get in a hallway tussle with someone you don't know? You know, you and them are about to dodge each other, and you go into the same direction like, 3 times. She almost ran into the Fed Ex guy, man that was walkward."

"Joey swings his arms kind of like Lanky Kong from Donkey Kong 64. And the way his hips's just so...walkward."
by Geoff Gurak January 23, 2008
The awkward walk through somone that you don't know's house when you go there for a party or there for the first time. The walkward may involve walking past parents of a friend or other people at a party that you don't know. Inevitably trying to find the toilet or to find more food, the walkward is a necessary yet uncomfortable part of an evening.
I've never been here before and I don't want to do the walkward on my own
by DaveKurtandFaye June 01, 2011
When a person named Walker says or does something awkward which makes the situation uncomfortable.
Walker was acting really walkward when he met Violet's goat. This made the goat scared and it fainted.
by Tinishiqua March 26, 2014
When someone's walking motions are irregular, abnormal, or uncomfortable to watch.
"Do you see that guys who kind of bounces when he steps? His movements are pretty walkward."
by The_Winkelmann November 12, 2012
A situation in which a person changes the way they walk because of something which makes them look awkward
"Dude... You walkng kinda.. walkward.. whats up with that?"
"Nothin man... It's nothin..."
by TTime321 May 25, 2012

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