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when you get a number of tattoos in one sitting, foolishly enduring pain like the epic Steve O, as he has many tattoos. Such as the one of his face on his back, and the smiley face he got done while off roading.
Dude- you getting a tattoo?
Dudette- yeah, stars up my arm
Dude- ouch, wont that really hurt?
Dudette- nah, I'll only have a few done at a time, im not going Steve O on it!
by DaveKurtandFaye January 08, 2010
The bars in front of high windows or outside doors or in inexplicable places to prevent idiots from doing something stupid.
Dudette- Did you hear about the drunk guy who almost fell out of the top floor window?

Dude- Yeah, thank fuck for those idiot bars
by DaveKurtandFaye July 01, 2010
The opposite to shit. Shit is bad, FOOD is good.
"Dude, that was fucking FOOD!"
by DaveKurtandFaye February 28, 2010
used on msn to remove an unwanted message or emoticon from the chat window

DavekurtandFaye- dude my parents are behind me! code 999
thats better :)
by DaveKurtandFaye May 09, 2010
The group of people, friends, aquantances, colligues who play COD and agree a time to play all together. Also known as a Halo ring (get the pun?), these group of people meet semi frequently to engange in the game.
Steve- "Hey, wanna come for a drink tonight?"

Stevette- "No thanks, im meeting up with my COD sqad tonight"

Steve- "But you're a girl"

Stevette- " So are my COD squad"

Steve- "CAN I COME?!?"

Stevette- "No."
by DaveKurtandFaye July 18, 2010
The awkward walk through somone that you don't know's house when you go there for a party or there for the first time. The walkward may involve walking past parents of a friend or other people at a party that you don't know. Inevitably trying to find the toilet or to find more food, the walkward is a necessary yet uncomfortable part of an evening.
I've never been here before and I don't want to do the walkward on my own
by DaveKurtandFaye June 01, 2011

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