Have sex with your boyfriend when you're not in the mood because he won't stop humping your leg until you do
Girl 1: Did you and Jason get home from the bar ok last night?
Girl 2: Yeah. We were pretty drunk. I was ready to sleep but I had to walk the dog first.
Girl 1: How was it?
Girl 2: Fine. He came in 3 minutes and we both passed out. Then we had really good hangover sex the next morning.
by Prp Guy February 12, 2011
A poker tactic where you have a powerhouse hand and someone is betting into you. Instead of raising, you just let the other person do all the betting for you until the very end.
If I re-raise, he's just gonna fold. Better just walk the dog.
by henry73 August 22, 2005
1. To win by a large amount in a game or sporting event

2. To really beat up someone in a fight

see stomp johnson
1a. "Did you see the Cowboys game?"
"Yeah, they walked the dogs on the Eagles"
"Man talking 'bout walk the dogs, it was Cowboys 45,
Eagles 14"

1b. "Did you see the Lakers vs. the Pistons last night?"
"Yup, the Lakers got the dogs walked on them"

2. "Did you see that fight at school yesterday?"
"Hell yuh, Jerome walked the dogs on that kid."
by Douglas Teel November 01, 2007
Walking around with your cock hanging out your unzipped shorts or pants.
One night after taking a piss in the alley, I decided to keep it out and walk the dog.
by RNPS July 30, 2009
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