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What male A might say to male B when male B has had some type of pain or injury inflicted upon him.
*Male B falls down a flight of stairs and breaks his legs*

Male B: Oh god it hurts so bad!
Male A: Just walk it off man, you'll be okay.
Male B: My fucking legs are broken dude! I can't walk!
Male A: Dude, man up and walk that shit off
by Male A May 27, 2008
to stand up like a man and forget about it,or Deal with it. like a man

"To make fun of for something stupid"
"he got his ass beat down now Walk it off!,"
by homeboy May 06, 2004
A "cure all" suggestion from grade school gym teachers for any student suffering an injury.
Gym teacher to injured student -
"Got hit too low with a ball? Walk it off."
"Jammed a finger playing basketball? Walk it off."
"Broken nose playing football? Walk it off." (Happened to me.)
This is the first line of gym teacher medical support. For serious injury, like decapitation, there is "Put ice on it."
by BigDaddyJohn December 09, 2014
To ward off an oncoming deuce that was previously assumed as imminent and unavoidable with mild excercise such as walking or pacing.
I've got to drop one, but the cleaning lady is still in the men's room.

Well, just walk it off man.
by jeadly February 25, 2005
If a male gets excited, he may have to walk it off to loose his erection.
Wow Linda is lookin hot in here white and gold bikini, I think I'm going to have to walk it off
by SpeedEuphoria May 25, 2008
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