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2 for 1's are when you wear boxers(shorts), then when you bend over it rides up your butt and its a thong.
Packet had some boxers on, then next thing I knew she bent over and it was a thong. I shouted 2 for 1's!! Wow did that make my day.
#boxers #shorts #thong #bikini #underwear
by Speedeuphoria May 30, 2008
It can mean many things, mainly you would give it a try or consider it. Could imply sex, or just try it in general.
Wow I have to say Linda is looking hot in her 2 for 1's, I'd probably check it out. If you know what I mean, wink, wink, lol
#sex #booty #ass #2 for 1's #nice ride
by SpeedEuphoria May 30, 2008
A Nice Ride is a girl that has a nice booty/ass/butt/bum.
Damn ma thats a Nice Ride!

#booty #butt #ass #bum #badonk #badonka donk
by SpeedEuphoria May 30, 2008
just slang for "Its your Boy Again". Same as cheboygan
Hey, word up

Yo, yo, word cuz

Its che-boy-gan

Word to god son
#cheboygan #word #hey #holla #howdy
by SpeedEuphoria May 30, 2008
Same as "hang out with ya wang out", "hang out with your wang out", Rock out with ya cock out", rock out with your cock out", ect.

basically party like its your birthday, and just dont give a Fuck
Damn its not even my birthday, but I'm havin a great time wilin' out with this Canadian Linda in her 2 for 1's. She was like damn boy just hang out with ya thang out. I said bet that, I'd probably check it out ma, holla.
#hang out with ya wang out #hang out with your wang out #rock out with your cock out #rock out with ya cock out #jam out with your clam out #2 for 1s #nice ride #id probably check it out
by Speedeuphoria May 30, 2008
Well its basicaly the same as other deffinitions and you know what I mean. Lipstick on your penis. Just used in a joking matter at a restaruant
I was out to breakfast and the waitress asked if I wanted bacon or sausage.

I said sausage please.

She said OK.

I said no lipstick on the sausage though.

She looked at me very confused.

I just laughed and so did everyone else.
#penis #lipstick #dick #blowjob #head
by SpeedEuphoria May 30, 2008
Just slang for "Its Your Boy Again"
Hey mang, whats poppin?

Its cheboygan


#che-boy-gan #sup #word #hey #howdy
by SpeedEuphoria May 30, 2008
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