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An "australian" word for penis.
Jake: Hey man, I hear you slept with that person that you like last night!
George: Hell yeah, she loved my big owain!
by Stuart Butcher March 03, 2011
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A "Mexican" slang term for the penis.
Alphonso: Hey! Jose! I hear you slept with that facilona!
Jose: Si cuate! She loved my Owain inside her!
by Pseudo-God July 08, 2012
a Welsh Hero

The boy's name Owain \o-wain\ is a variant of Owen (Scottish, Greek), and the meaning of Owain is "born of yew; youth".
Owain Glyndŵr
by TheReallDoctorWho April 27, 2010
A person (usually a man) who is secretly disliked by a large number of people who are too insecure to exclude them from day to day life, but will do near anything to stop them attending social dos.
I tend to think of him as owain
by Trixsta93 February 07, 2011
A man who is loved by all including Jenny and Julia. He is very tall and has a giant dick.
That Guys an Owain!
by BradyShinn July 04, 2014
a hot guy who's quite rich and funny.
example can't be blank - ohh realllyy???
Now the example has to include the word Owain ??? you fail
by G-God June 05, 2011

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